Boyevik noun /bɔɪevɪk/:
a Russian warrior, skilled in the art of warfare, possessing strength and fierceness; loyal to his brothers-in-arms and his fearless leader.

Fiercely Pure

The worlds strongest warriors are made, not born, they come from a loyal heritage of hardened men that can never be broken.

World-class vodka has to be created the same way.

Boyevik Premium Vodka hails from the centuries old, southern wheat fields of Russia where our hardy grain is planted in the fall.

Growing strong and resilient during the winter, becoming the first harvest of spring, we hand select only the finest crops.

Distilling Boyevik an incredible five times, skillfully crafts our vodka to be sharp, clean and crisp with subtle smooth hints of grain and citrus.

Enjoy Boyevik Premium Vodka with your favorite cocktails or as a true Boyevik would…neat.

Boyevik Signature Cocktails

No matter who you are, you can drink with us! За здоровье! [za zda-ró-vye]


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